Carbon Filter construction for Funnel & Gate groundwater treatment system.Water Treatment

Land Clean has a dedicated arm specialising in on site water treatment projects in a wide range of situations.

We have been responsible for treating contaminated water from a range of sources which can be divided into the four main categories shown here. For a sample of case studies just click here.

Water Treatment System, as detailed in Flowchart.

Advantages of on site treatment

Contaminated Groundwater

This usually occurs as a result of a former industrial process eg. gas works, solvent manufacturing or use, oil storage, rail depots or an accidental spillage.

Groundwater and water, contaminated or not, on and under former industrial sites can pose serious problems to their clean up and future use both in terms of the possible costs involved and the practicalities of carrying out remediation work.

A wide range of contamination may be encountered in water including oils, phenols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, cyanide and arsenic compounds, all of which Land Clean can successfully reduce to well below discharge consent levels acceptable to the relevant authorities.

Contaminated Waste Streams

Industrial effluent is subject to changing legislation, rising effluent discharge costs and increasingly stringent discharge consent levels.

Land Clean can design and build continuous automated treatment systems that:

and allow the client to get on with their core business activities.

Purging Pipelines

Oil fuel from pipelines can be separated from water and recovered. Contaminated water from pipeline jetting can be treated for re-use and final discharge.

Oil and Chemical Spills

Contamination of lakes, streams and ponds is usually the result of accidental discharge from manufacturing plants, static storage tanks or tankers.

We are accredited to the highest level (level 3) of the British Oil Spill Control Association (BOSCA). As such we are called upon by the Environment Agency and other professional bodies to undertake pollution control and environmental works on their behalf

This includes the clean up of..

Mobile water treatment Equipment

These are modular and can be made available at a moments notice. The type and size of plant mobilised varies depending on the type of contamination encountered.

Case Studies
For case studies relating to Landclean's treatment of contaminated water just click here.