Land Remediation

Careful Project Planning

Each contaminated site is unique. Depending on past usage and proposed end use of the site, Land Clean may begin its dedicated contaminated land contracting service by conducting a confidential appraisal of the site. See Case Studies for examples of our work.

Based on the information gathered and with our 'hands on' experience, allowing for the intended end use of the land, we can then assist in deciding which remediation techniques are appropriate and supply alternative costings.

Decision Making

After Land Clean have evaluated the data, we draw up a cost effective remediation strategy, complying with all legislation and taking into account ICRCL, water quality, European or other International guidelines as well as any risk assessments that may have been carried out.

Remediation options may include treatment of contaminated soils on site or disposal off site. Once the appropriate remediation option has been decided upon we prepare a detailed proposal and costing for the client.


This flowchart illustrates all possible stages of the remediation process and is fully interactive; click on each process box for a detailed description...


Operating Standards

Whatever remediation strategy is adopted, we ensure that all work is completed on time, to budget and in accordance with all industry standard codes of practice.

The excavation and handling of contaminated materials and also hazardous and liquid wastes are undertaken only by fully trained, experienced operatives.


To see a an example of Land Remediation case studies just click here.