24 Hour Emergency Response

Incase of Emergency call 01730 234780 during office hours or 0800 7838563 outside of office hours.

24 Hour Emergency Response VanExperienced personnel and a comprehensive range of equipment are on permanent standby, including pollution boats, pumps, absorbent booms and materials, skimmers and oil/water seperator units.

Land Clean is accredited to Level 2 (Fresh Water Spillages) with the UK Spill Association

Land Clean are a member of the UK Spill Control Association

We are able to offer site treatment methods for the collected waste materials.

Oil Spill Case Studies

1. 2000 litres of heating oil in a stream and lake

2. 1800 litres of heating oil under a 4 bedroom house and garden

3. 2000 litres of heating oil spilt into the ground